It has come to our attention that some fans have won multiple meet & greet contests on both the "WorldWired Tour" and the current leg of the "The Stage World Tour."

The spirit of these contests has been to allow members of Deathbat Nation a fair and equal chance to meet the band, but unfortunately we have learned there are individuals who have exploited the rules and the technology powering Deathbat Nation. 

To those of you following the rules who have yet to win, we understand your frustration and are doing everything we can to regulate in the fairest way possible. Starting immediately, members will be eligible to win meet and greet contests once per album cycle. We also have new security features that will help us determine which individuals are registering multiple accounts and blocking IP addresses. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we continue to optimize the Fan Club to bring you the best experience possible. To those of you who have won, we love hearing your stories! Feel free to share them and your show photos on your blog here at Deathbat Nation! 

Please leave any questions or concerns in the comments below. 

NOTE: If you previously won a meet & greet, have also won for "The Stage World Tour," and would like to give up your spot to someone who hasn’t yet had the opportunity to win please email with your username and the show you won for. 

Thank you, and we’ll see you in the pit!